Top Trendy Accessories for Autumn Weddings

Each season fashion accessories will change in terms of what is trendy and what is not. This autumn, the biggest trends are striking conversation pieces and vintage flare.

The beauty of these two trends is that you are free to choose dainty vintage styles that add a touch of elegance to an outfit or go big with statement pieces that are sure to make heads turn. Regardless of which piece you choose for your clothing, it’s important to also consider the bride… no one wants to outshine the bride on her big day.

If at all possible, ask the bride what she is planning to wear for the wedding and for the reception. If she chooses to have a more elegant subdued look, try to stay on par with that look as well. If she is planning to go big with her ensemble, then you are also free to have a statement piece to add flare to your look.

Big and Bold

There are many chunky and bold bangles found on the runways, large necklaces that sit close to the collar and big rings showing off rough-cut natural stones.

Look at the chosen outfit and see which areas may look a little bare or could use some accessories. If the top has beading or looks fairly busy, avoid large pieces and look for something small and dainty instead. If the waist or arms look quite bare, it’s the perfect place for a statement ring, bracelet, watch or even a decorative belt.

One important note to remember when choosing accessories for a wedding is not to overdo it. This is not just for the brides sake but also for your own. While you are free to wear whatever makes you happy, there is also etiquette for special occasions such as weddings. One statement piece will certainly suffice. If there is too much going on between the clothing (color, patterns, textures) and accessories (bold bracelet, necklace and ring), it will definitely make heads turn, but perhaps not in the way that you would like.

How to Find the Best Dress for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn weddings are among the most beautiful in the year. Whether a wedding is themed or not, it’s always a good idea to find out if there will be a particular color that will be most prominent for the occasion. This is most important for the wedding party but there are also times when everyone is free to choose what they please. As the mother of the bride or groom, it’s important to find something suitable for the season, since that normally ties in beautifully for the occasion and looks exceptional in photographs.


When looking for the perfect dress for an autumn wedding, make sure to consider the following tips:

Autumn Colors

Not everyone loves “autumn” colors because they believe it’s restricted to browns, yellow or orange but in reality, there is a wide range of warm and cool colors that can be chosen for a beautiful autumn event. Depending on your skin type, the following colors are perfectly suited for the autumn season. As a rule of thumb, very light skinned people should avoid harsh dark colors or anything too close to their own skin tone while more tanned skin tones should avoid anything too dark or close to their skin tone.

Brown – Dark brown, mocha, latte and even bronze.

Purple – Deep purple, aubergine, mauve and wine.

Red – Rose wine, deep raspberry, cranberry and crimson.

Yellow – Also includes deep yellow, mustard tones and gold.

Green – Hunter green. moss green, deep blue-green, dark teal and leaf green.

Grey – Charcoal, medium grey, light grey and silver.

To find out which color works best with your skin, take a few paint palette samples and place them next to your face. Look in the mirror and see which ones gives you a beautiful vibrant glow and avoid those that give you a pale appearance.

One Piece or More?

Autumn is a season that does look beautiful, especially in areas that has changing leaves, but it’s also a time that may be difficult to dress for, when considering the changing weather. This is when it’s important to decide whether it’s best to choose a one piece dress, two piece outfit or three piece ensemble.

Each one will have it’s own advantages and disadvantages for a special occasion. A one piece dress, especially a sleeveless one, will require something in addition to have in case the weather is cool or the venue has air conditioning. Whether it’s a shawl, bolero, jacket or stole, it’s always recommended to have something for warmth, which is why most people choose to get a two piece dress with jacket.

When looking at two piece outfits, there is the choice of a dress with jacket or a skirt and top. Either one is perhaps the safest route for most since they break up a look and offer the option to add more if needed. The last choice is a three piece outfit, which is generally a skirt, top (usually short-sleeved or sleeveless) and a matching jacket. This last choice is usually the most expensive but it can also be a great investment in the long run. Since all three pieces are separate, it’s possible to break them up to form new outfits without seeming too formal as they are all together.

The Perfect Fit

Finally, make sure to choose something that’s suitable for your body shape.  To get a few tips for choosing the best style for your body, check out this post. It explains what the different body shapes are and how to flatter them with different fashion styles and dress cuts.

How to Choose the Best Dress Style for Your Body Shape

One of the top problems that most mothers of the bride and groom have is choosing the best looking dress to flatter their body shapes. Plus size or not, the cut of the dress will determine whether it will fit properly or not. Just choosing a dress in a particular style simply won’t do, especially if you have no idea what body type you even have!

Which Body Shape Do You Have?

Before going out to look for dresses, it’s very important to find out which body shape you actually have. I know most women will immediately say “hourglass” because they have heard that anything curvy is considered as such, however, there are six very common body shapes that require different dress cuts and styles.

#1  Triangle

A triangle shape, also known as the “pear”, is one that has a wider lower body compared to the upper body. This means the hip area is wider or larger than the chest and shoulder area.

To balance out this body shape, it’s important to find a dress or outfit that draws the eyes up and away from the hips. Choose ruffles or beading around the chest and neckline, or pair a tailored jacket to achieve this.  It’s also important to consider an outfit with a plain slightly flared bottom. Avoid ruffled or ruched areas below the waist.

#2  Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle is exactly the opposite to the triangle. This is when the body has a wider upper body compared to the hip line. The ideal dress or outfit will have a flared skirt with either ruffles, ruching or tiers. These will easily give the body more shape to balance out the heavy top area. Make sure the top is fairly plain to avoid adding more bulk to the top.

#3 Rectangle

A rectangle or “straight” figure is one that does not have clear curves or waistline. To add more feminine curves to the body, choosing an outfit that’s more fitted at the waist will immediately help balance the body out. Try adding a cinched belt at the waist, opt for flared skirts or pair up a straight skirt with a flared jacket to give the illusion of curvy hips.

#4 Hourglass

The hourglass figure is one of the most sought-after looks that women try to achieve when they don’t have it naturally. This body is most proportionate with feminine curves. The hourglass body can wear almost anything, however it is important to avoid making the upper or lower body look too bulky or heavy, making the body look disproportionate.

#5 Diamond

The diamond body shape is sometimes called an “apple” shape and is essentially the opposite of the hourglass. Instead of having a smaller waist, this area of the body is wider than the rest. Choose outfits that emphasize the shoulders and hips more and make sure to keep the midsection plain in order to draw the eyes away from that area. Add a shawl or jacket to add shape to the upper body and choose a flared bottom to give the hips more shape as well.

#6 Oval

An oval body shape is one that essentially looks elongated and rounded from top to bottom. There are generally no definite curves, so choosing outfits wisely will help avoid looking shapeless. Just like the rectangle body shape, it’s important to define a waistline without bulking it up. Tight ruching, a belt or decorative bead work to one side of the waist immediately gives the illusion of feminine curves. Choose dresses with more structure, emphasizing hips and shoulders to add more shape. Avoid choosing dresses with a lot of ruffles, tiers or textures since they will only add extra bulk to the whole body without shaping.

Assess your body before choosing a dress style. Once you identify “problem areas”, it will help narrow down dress style options, making the buy much more efficient.