Big is Beautiful: Looking for Plus Size Mother of the Groom Dresses


In a world where beauty is always equated to slim and small body size, being bigger than most women is almost like a curse. It’s difficult to look for clothes, because you are always in the plus size. Thankfully, there has been a move to focus more on curvy women and to give them the same treatment that smaller women get. It is now easier to look for dresses for all occasions, especially for your wedding. Even if you want to be the most beautiful woman on your special day, you shouldn’t forget the woman that gave birth to your husband to-be. Go on a “girl date” and bring your mother and your mother-in-law with you to shop for plus size mother of the groom dresses that they would proudly wear on your wedding.

The secret to looking good despite your size is to wear clothes that flatter your shape. It is common knowledge that black makes you look smaller, but would you like you’re your husband’s mother (or even your mother) to wear black on your wedding?

A better alternative is to look for dresses made out of light and airy fabrics with large prints. The prints would get the attention of people without putting too much focus on your curves. Plus, prints make any dress look festive. Keep this in mind when you’re hunting for plus size mother of the groom dresses.

Another trick is to choose the accessories well. Wear chucky earrings and necklaces to put emphasis on your neck and shoulders, taking the focus out of your tummy area. If your mother-in-law is daring enough, look for a dress with a low neckline to create an illusion of a longer neck. Or wear a belt on the smaller part of your waist to add some dimension to your clothes. There are a lot of ways to look beautiful with your curves. Now you can buy plus size mother of the groom dresses and make sure that you, your mother and your groom’s mother are the most beautiful women on your wedding.