How to Choose Dresses for Mother of the Groom

Dresses for Mother of the Groom

Choosing dresses can be a long and difficult task if you have no idea where to start but with just a few tips, it can actually be quite easy to find that perfect color and style that will make her feel beautiful.  Some of the top tips for choosing dresses for mother of the groom are as follows:

1)      Choose a flattering color by checking out which color palette works best with her complexion. Some people choose colors they like but may not always be the most flattering. Once the perfect color is chosen, it will immediately help narrow down the selection.

2)      Get the best fit by properly measuring the body. Always measure the main points: shoulders, bust, waist, hips and length from shoulder to ankle (or wherever you would like the dress to fall). It’s also very important to pin the hem while wearing the shoes that will be worn to the wedding, this will ensure the best cut.

3)      Identify the “problem areas”. No one has the perfect body and everyone has a problematic area or two that they would like to hide in the most flattering way possible. So once you’ve identified these areas, it will help you determine which styles would work best.

4)      Try to find out what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing so that you don’t get into an awkward situation on the big day. Try not to match the bride or the bridesmaids (unless that’s requested) because it may overshadow one or more of the main people in the party.

Always look at dresses for mother of the groom that matches the personality of the woman. Avoid getting something just because it’s trendy or have the mentality that more expensive equals better because in the end it will just look awkward and even uncomfortable instead of radiating beauty.