Top Trendy Accessories for Autumn Weddings

Each season fashion accessories will change in terms of what is trendy and what is not. This autumn, the biggest trends are striking conversation pieces and vintage flare.

The beauty of these two trends is that you are free to choose dainty vintage styles that add a touch of elegance to an outfit or go big with statement pieces that are sure to make heads turn. Regardless of which piece you choose for your clothing, it’s important to also consider the bride… no one wants to outshine the bride on her big day.

If at all possible, ask the bride what she is planning to wear for the wedding and for the reception. If she chooses to have a more elegant subdued look, try to stay on par with that look as well. If she is planning to go big with her ensemble, then you are also free to have a statement piece to add flare to your look.

Big and Bold

There are many chunky and bold bangles found on the runways, large necklaces that sit close to the collar and big rings showing off rough-cut natural stones.

Look at the chosen outfit and see which areas may look a little bare or could use some accessories. If the top has beading or looks fairly busy, avoid large pieces and look for something small and dainty instead. If the waist or arms look quite bare, it’s the perfect place for a statement ring, bracelet, watch or even a decorative belt.

One important note to remember when choosing accessories for a wedding is not to overdo it. This is not just for the brides sake but also for your own. While you are free to wear whatever makes you happy, there is also etiquette for special occasions such as weddings. One statement piece will certainly suffice. If there is too much going on between the clothing (color, patterns, textures) and accessories (bold bracelet, necklace and ring), it will definitely make heads turn, but perhaps not in the way that you would like.